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The School of 运动及运动科学 aspires to develop 而且 support research that is impactful, 在道德上负责任,并在本地和全球得到认可.

Priority areas for research development identified in the 澳门银银河网上官方登录’s latest strategic plan include Social Exclusion, 体育活动, 健康和福利以及残疾人体育. 澳门银银河网上官方登录在这些领域有广泛的正在进行的研究项目. 有关正在进行的研究的更多信息,请浏览 Inclusive Sport 而且 体育活动, 辅导与表现 研究 组的页面.

The School of 运动及运动科学 embrace a broad range of research with a focus on applied research 而且 knowledge transfer. The School has successfully supported over 20 PhD students since 2008. We have research active staff that are currently supervising 16 post-graduate students registered on 哲学硕士和哲学博士 degrees across a wide variety of topics related to sport, 锻炼, 体育活动, 体育教练, 体育社会学, inclusive sport 而且 sports science. Our research students study for their degrees both part 而且 full-time. 工作人员 are well experienced at supporting research students from a broad range of backgrounds 而且 we have UK Council for Graduate Education recognised research supervisors. The School is always seeking to work collaboratively with a range of partners to support PhD studentships 而且 joint projects.

If you are interested in completing a research degree with us (MPhil or PhD) or any aspect of our ongoing work 而且 wish to discuss, 参与, or commission any research or evaluation, please contact Professor Győző Molnár at g.molnar@worc.ac.uk.

Latest research 而且 publications

We publish our research findings in a range of peer-reviewed journals, books 而且 specialist magazines to share our innovative ideas with the international research community.

包装 is an online catalogue of material produced by members of the University 而且 contains details of our articles, 会议论文, book chapters 而且 publications.


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